J&C INTERNATIONAL GROUP integrates real estate development, restaurant chain operation, business trip service, financial capital operations, and medical care to further provide investors and institutions with cross- border investment platforms and supporting immigration services. We share the fruits of trade liberalization from a "win-win" perspective and work on creating better commercial platforms between China and the US.

Professional Real Estate Investment

J&C International Group (JCINTL) owns IdealCity Realty, which is engaged in real estate trading, development, sales, and management in California; and cooperates with Shenzhen BODA Construction to establish J&C BODA.

IdealCity Realty, LLC

Founded in California, IdealCity is a professional real estate company that integrates real estate trading, development, sales, and management and serves individuals, enterprises, and government agencies.

UCI Property Development

Whether renovations of houses or redevelopments of commercial buildings, UCIPD is committed to ensuring the quality of every project with a professional attitude, an elite team and advanced technology.

Hospitality & Retail Management

The company has certain professional chain operators, and its operation range includes catering industry to super-business industry. After years of operation and management, we have acquired extensive experience.

JIC Hospitality Management Group

JIC Hospitality Management is a comprehensive enterprise integrating catering development and franchisees. JIC combines traditional tastes with modern cuisine to create healthy and balanced products and services.

Retail Operation Management

J&C International Group manages a few retail businesses. Currently, we are planning to open a warehouse retail store in Los Angeles.

Diversified Investment

We use the long-term investment strategy to integrate diversified investment plans. Based on maintaining our core competitiveness, we extend to different fields and rapidly develop the business territory.

J&C Business Reception

JCBR is a VVIP premium customized business visit/family travel service. With a variety of commercial resources of JCINTL, we strive to upgrade traditional sightseeing tours to journeys acquiring wealth and resources.

International Medical Service

We have a strong team of medical experts and consultants and provide a “process modular” customized service, which gives you one-stop medical and health services.

Regional Center

The US EB-5 Express Regional Center is one of the leaders in the immigration industry, which focused on developing and managing professional capital institutions in the metropolitan areas.

CA EB-5 Express Regional Center

JCINTL obtained the approval of CA EB-5 Express Regional Center on August 27, 2015, which operating area covers the whole sunny California.