J&C INTERNATIONAL GROUP is founded in California, USA, and is a comprehensive cross-border investment institution with a wide range of commercial resources, including US real estate development, private equity investment, capital operation and asset management, employment-based immigration, film and television, and medical services. As a pioneer in the field of cross-border investment, we are adhering to the concept of “succeed with assurance” and build our brand and reputation step by step.

       The development orientation of J&C International Group is a “strategic control” international investment group. In 2015, we officially entered Wall Street in New York, providing a series of investment designs and overseas financing channels for US investors as a new platform. Also, in 2015, our company established the Chinese operation department in Beijing and cooperated with the domestic top law firms to further provide cross-border investment platforms and to support immigration services for high-net-worth Chinese investors and institutions.

       Under the premise of strict compliance with U.S. regulations, J&C International Group helps investors maximize their benefits by taking the asset allocation and profit growth as the driving force and adhering to the investment concept of “succeed with assurance”.